Camp Clover Registration 2022

Registration for Camp Clover 2022 is not open yet.



I am so excited that your children have decided to join us for Camp Clover 2021! We have lots of activities planned for our campers. Camp will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Attire– Closed-toed shoes are recommended, and at the bare minimum a sandal with a back is preferred. The kids will be moving and active so flip flops aren’t the best choice. We will be providing a camp t-shirt to all campers who get registered in time.
This email contains registration forms that should be filled out beforehand if possible. If you need a copy printed for you, feel free to reach out and I will get them to you. If these forms are completed prior to the first day, it makes drop off SO MUCH EASIER. We will have copies available the day of if needed.
The COVID Screening form has been digitized for your convenience. It is affirming that we aren’t knowingly sending/accepting sick campers. If your child doesn’t feel well and is running a fever, we do ask that you keep them home from camp, as you would from a school day.  The COVID Screening form only needs to be completed once. 
The waiver form that is attached must be completed in hard copy form by each camper that will be participating. This needs to be completed prior to the camp and can be scanned and emailed, photographed and texted to 430-342-1987, or handed in that morning.
The code of conduct form that is attached needs to be filled out by both parents and children attending. This form can be submitted along with the waiver above. If we have an issue with your child’s conduct, they will be sent home and not welcomed back for the remainder of camp. If your child needs some type of modification or accommodation to be able to have a good experience, please let me know ahead of time.
If you don’t want your children’s photographs shared, please reach out and let me know.
We are going to be keeping the food simple. We are planning on doing hot dogs one day, nachos one day, and pizza one day. If your children have dietary restrictions, please send them lunch. If not, cannot ensure that they won’t receive something that could potentially cause an issue.
Please send your child with a refillable water bottle. We will have bottled water available with lunch, but for the remainder of the day, it is important that they stay hydrated.
Kids can be dropped off at the pavilion at the state park. This is all the way down the park road. I will be there by 7:30 to check the kids in. Pick up will start at 12:30.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Next week is going to be a lot of fun.

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