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Chigger and Fleas- Summertime Pests

Chiggers, fleas more noticeable in summer   Chigger bites cause red, irritated marks on the skin. Chiggers prefer biting areas where skin is the thinnest or where clothing fits tightly, like places around the ankles and waist. (Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service photo by Dr. Mike Merchant) As people become more active in summer, so do a few familiar pests that keep Texans itching – and scratching — for relief, said Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologists. “This time of year there’s usually a significant increase in chigger… Read More →

Summer Time Garden Pest Managment

Talk to most vegetable gardeners and you’ll quickly find that pests and pesticides are hot-button topics. While pests are strongly disliked, most gardeners are reluctant to use pesticides on fruits and vegetables in their own gardens. This is understandable. While most of us, to varying degrees, accept the need for pesticides in commercial food production, the home vegetable garden is seen almost universally as the best place to get fresh, wholesome produce–without pesticides. Fortunately, you can grow produce in your home garden with minimal use of artificial pest… Read More →

Summer Pasture- Bermuda Grass

Summer Pastures- Bermuda Grass

Multi County 4-H Camp

4-Hers will have a planning meeting for the Canstruction project that will take place during multi-county camp on May 30th at 5 pm. We will meet at the extension office.   Registration for multi county camp ends on the 29th and packets must be turned into Ms. Karen at the Extension office by 5pm on this day. The registration packet is located below! 2018 4-H Multi-County Camp