Wild Pig Abatement Program


Phase 1:

  • Education and Damage Assessment (program scheduled for Jan 16th)
  • Development of Taskforce for working on the trap/transporting (Meeting Jan 6th)


Phase 2: 

  • Facilitating the use of the trap by Cass County Land Owners (throughout 2020)
    • Must have completed the damage assessment and attended the educational program
  • Sell live hogs to live hog buyers in the area 
  • Collect funds from the leasing of the trap and the sale of the live hogs to create a fund to be used for a bounty program


Phase 3:

  • Implement the bounty program for residents in Cass County
  • Bounty Program will run from Sept 1 to Nov 18th, paying out $5 per harvest


Phase 4: 

  • An additional damage assessment will be applied to determine if the wild pig abatement efforts made an economic impact from 2019 to 2020



For additional information about the Cass County Wild Pig Abatement Program, contact Jessica at 903.756.5391.


Approved Wild Hog Buyers 

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