Cass County


Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Cass County is a cooperative effort between federal, state and county governments, established in 1914 to “take the university to the people”. This concept of making research-based knowledge available to people wherever they are, throughout their lives, is central to the Extension mission. Educational programs focus on the following four areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship and Natural Resources
  • Economic Competitiveness and Stability
  • Life Skills and Leadership

Services are provided to county residents through a variety of methods including telephone calls, office or home visits, meetings, workshops, seminars, field days, result demonstrations, programs, tours, newsletters, publications and mass media.

Education for youth is conducted through the 4-H program and 4-H School Enrichment Projects while other educational efforts are expanded by volunteers who serve as youth and adult leaders in the county.

Welcome to Cass County

Cass County was established in 1846 and named for Senator Lewis Cass of Michigan, who favored the annexation of Texas. It is the second county below the Oklahoma/Arkansas border and is located on rolling, pine-covered hills in the heart of a natural sportsman’s paradise. Geographically it centers a heavily populated area consisting of seven states within a 300-mile radius. Modern transportation brings Cass County within hours of national markets, seaports, and natural resources.

Cass County has an area of 938 square miles and is a heavy timber producer. Forest covers much of the county and is an important part of its agricultural income.